Domaine de Targuerie - Côtes de Gascogne blanc
IGP 2013 12,5% Bio certifié FR BIO 07 (Agrocert)

This wine offers a dry and aromatic freshness in a rich combination of high pitch notes. It inspires the joy so typical to local Gascony culture. Aiming for balance and complexity, the blend combines three grape varieties : 45% Sauvignon for its minerality and its bright notes of flowers and white fruit, 30% Colombard for its acute citrus and exotic fruit flavours, 25% Chardonnay to bring structure and length. Targuerie rimes with party and good times. It is easy to drink during apéritif or meals, and perfect with sea food, white meat and cheese. Being so close to Nature and low in sulphites, it cares for your health and will spare you many unpleasant side effects.

Price at the Domain : 6,50€ per bottle of 75 cl. , in cases of 12.